Friday, August 5, 2005

The Dalai Lama and you

The Dalai Lama and you

Thank you for sending me your favorite things from this summer! Your writing is teasing me to ask you, playfully, do you think that the Dalai is on target when he says that :"Yes there is a direct correlation between the spiritual nature of life and the physics of the universe."

Where might you say is the hookup of this correlation? Wise men point to the fact that creativity and experimentation have alot in common and that if it were not for these two things we would not know most things that we take for granted as knowing now. So take a stab at it...Know what the beauty is? There

are no right or wrong answers.

What would I say? I would go with the Dalai. But not all of you would and that is good because we all learn from each others' discoveries...


gaboatman said...

I have long sided with the Dalai Lama on this one.

gaboatman said...


joolsinwa said...

In all honesty I have no clue who the person is your refering to , LOL
but I'm not into that  nature /spiritual stuff.
~ Julie~

sugar1337 said...

Yes and and spirituality can coincide but also can be separate depending on the situation and the person.

lisbnjvi said...

"Yes there is a direct correlation between the spiritual nature of life and the physics of the universe."  Hmmm, deep thinking huh Nat!?  LOL!  My take on this is a simple one.  Basically what you put out there (meaning helping others without them asking, accepting that there is a higher power guiding your life, and loving without any conditions) is returned to the universe threefold.  It really is the fact that what goes around comes around, treat others as you yourself want to be treated, and the universe will remain balanced.  Problem is, not everyone thinks this way.  Hope this helps at least a little bit in understanding how I think.  
Hugs and love,

sunnyside46 said...


edandmariann said...

Creativity and experimentation definatly taught us both the good and evil.  But our uniqueness is shown through our creativity.  That is more of a personality trait.  And one of my favs too.  Theres so much to it  I could go on and on.

bgilmore725 said...

Definitely a link between spiritual nature and physics of the universe. We are co-creators in this world... we help to create the world as it is now, or destroy it. We co-create ourselves every day. We are co-creating the world of tomorrow, for good or for ill. We are in God's hands. God is in our hands. We choose to build up or destroy, but creating and imagination are gifts from the Almighty, I am sure.