Sunday, August 7, 2005

Peter Jennings passed away

Peter Jennings  passed away today

I will miss him very much. I have learned much about life , different countries and cultures from him.

His associates said that he had the highest standards, did the lion's share of work himself, travelled the world over , loved people and his family.

He commanded huge respect from everyone,even though he never finished high school.

He was a man for all seasons because he tried to give each person the love and respect that they deserved.If you would care to leave a comment about him with your link, please do.



hadonfield78 said...

He was and always will be a Gentlemens Gentlemen.

psychfun said...

I'm very sad they were not able to catch Peter Jennings cancer early enough to do something about it. It is sad to loose him. He is still one of the few reporters who had the class of the older journalists. I don't really see a whole lot of new ones coming out today like his generation. Mr. Jennings was not the Sensationalistic, Opinionated, Aggressive type like some are today. Many of the reporters today don't even let a guest finish their sentence or respect their right to have their own view. They instead use their show as a platform to just preach their own views. You also don't see the new ones with the expertise & worldliness as Peter and others. I do remember Walter Cronkite, though later part of his career. I grew up with Joel Daly as a reporter. Dan Rather was a great reporter and did make a mistake but I don't expect my reporters to be perfect. 1 error in a lifetime, hey I hope people don't hold me to that kind of a standard even. Peter, Dan, Tom, Ted, and Barbara are real journalists and will always set the standard! I fear the future news may just turn into a tabloid...we'll see!

lurkynat said...

Wow Deborah, what a tribute! You've inspired me again! hugs,nat

sunnyside46 said...


madmanadhd said...

After Walter Cronkite I remember Peter Jenning's coming into our living room every evening. His gentile Canadian accent and kind voice always made the news of death and destruction bearable... as if through his mannerism he was reassuring us that it will pass and better times are ahead. He'll be there with us to share the grief, and together we will mark the deeds of humanity.

Farewell Peter Jennings, thank you for all those years when together we would share the news of the nation and our world.


PS I'm celebrating my one year J-land anniversary... here's my first entry.

cneinhorn said...

I think I'll always remember his coverage of 9-11.  The voice of calm during a time of incredible  panic...I loved his coverage on evening news...he was set apart from the others by his compassion and understanding and incredible talent.