Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Oral Histories of 911

Oral Histories of 911

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Hey John Scalzi, our illustrious journal leader, brought up a painful subject on a blog and I thought that everyone in Journal land should think about it...

If you want to review what he said it's:http:/ theway/entries/4585 and he he quotes The NY Times about his subject: Witness to History, the oral histories of fireman,policemen,and emergency workers of 911. It would seem that soem powers to be in New york decided to publish these oral histories (release them to the public).

What do you think? Do you think we should and what for?

I was fortunate to be able to buy a book from a photographer who came here and he had made huge photos of these guys and had ashow with their pictures and some comments that they gave him as heroes. They are heroes people.

What  do you think?

I think that we could gain form a review of what communication links worked and where we all could give more support as far as the organizations are but not focus on people.This is becasue I think organizationally we could problem solve about who needs better relay systems or computers,etc.

My friend here dragonrose637 pointed out that her husband is a fireman and it could be bad for some of the individual workers to hear these stories and have other people hear them.Let me know...


sunnyside46 said...

I was very moved by the stories

lisbnjvi said...

I know you will be surprised by this coming from me, but I feel that the public should be allowed to hear these calls.  If for anything, it has helped the emergency centers to get more organized and develop a better system in situations like this.  No one knew what the other was doing, but do I blame the firemen, policemen, EMT's?  Heck no!  It was mass chaos!  Even if they had the entire system perfect, it would have still been crazy.  I believe listening to these calls and various radio calls, it puts this tragedy into an even more of a personal perspective.  If anything, I have MORE respect for everyone after listening to some of them.
Hugs and love, Lisa

dragonrose3911 said...

I'd thought I'd just copy what I posted in John's entry about this:
Im sorry but I am married to a firefighter and we were watching the news about this last night. We got online and read the reports and then we searched for the oral histories that were released. We listened to some of them. This highly ticked both of us off. They should have left this alone. Those men that died are heroes. They died saving people and they knew that there was a chance that they werent going to make it home. Putting out these oral histories is going to cause more pain. Especially when the people that lost someone can hear them again. And hear their last hours. It should have been left alone. I cried listening to it and reading the history. They should not have released it. They said that they hoped it would not cause any more pain. I bet that there will be more suicides because of this. Those records are too painful. They should not have been released..sorry I keep repeating myself but its true. Now people are going to nit pick at every detail on that scene and talk about what was done wrong. It doesnt matter what was done wrong. That attack was unexpected and they did what they were trained to do. They died saving people and we need to leave it at that.
Comment from dragonrose637 - 8/13/05 11:00 PM

jouell3935 said...

When it was on the news, I began to watch...they played these tapes and I just couldnt sit there...All that pain...I still believe it is still very raw in many people's eyes and hearts. Maybe in the future, right now I think it is just tooooo painful. IMO
Great entry!!!!!!!