Friday, August 26, 2005

A Story/ Coach is mean to me

Coach is mean to me

He said this to me and he turned his tear stained eyes to the wall."I'm not going back, unless he's nicer to me." he said.

I looked over at this face and seeing the pain registered there I asked what had taken place.

"No matter what happens he blames it on me. The other boys do the same things and I am the one who gets balled out...  The last time he got mad at me the whole team had to do sit ups."

"I see", I said."But you have to go back."

We went on, back and forth, until I called the head caoch and tried to explain to him that my son was a perfectionist and that he was discouraged because according to the coach his performance was not perfect.This troubled me and unless he could encourage and motivate him as well as disciplining him, my son could not continue.He said he would talk to the other coach and come up with a plan.

The next day was wonderful  ! My son was motivated to keep on playing and the coach was happy to have him on the team. The coach smiles more now too..


hadonfield78 said...

Yep. That is a very good story.
Coaches need to know the effect they are having on their teams.

gaboatman said...

How smart of you to talk to the coach about the personality type of your son.  This gave the coach the key to getting through to your son and it also let him know that encouragement was lacking.  I'm sure this call helped the coach interact better with the entire team.  Good job!

gabreaelinfo said...


dreamingbrwneyes said...

You are a great mom! This was a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing...

curvyanglintexas said...

I'm so glad you convinced him to return Glad it worked out well for them :)


bgilmore725 said...

Story with a happy ending! Love it.