Friday, August 5, 2005

Kaleidescope of Summer

Kaleidescope of Summer

H i ! Pick your most favorite event of the summer, please write it down here and leave us a link to your hometown journal! I can't wait to read it! The excitement is killing Me! grins...

Ok,k for me it was a summer barbeque

with my daughter's serious boyfriends' new family: Kzillion new people , Kzillion food items, lots of summer breeze and a pool! Your turn!nat


joolsinwa said...

LOL summer isn't over! It really has only begun!

psychfun said... really expect me to do this with a cast on my foot! Ha! No, I'm sure I'll find something still! :-) But I agree!!! I still have some weeks left....I'm hoping it will get better! Actually, next Wed is my dad's big Dental picnic & that is usually a blast, so I may hold off on this & post late but I'll get you something!


lvrs4evr28 said...

I havent done anything exceptionally exciting this summer.  Actually, I dont think we will be doing anything exciting this year.  We are buying a house and getting ready to move in--thats about the most excitement!  But I'm not complaining!  :)  I'm so anxious!  Thanks for visiting my journal!! I shall be around!! :)


sugar1337 said...

My summer was pretty crappy overall.  However I did have fun over my camping trip.

lisbnjvi said...

My favorite part of Summer is SLEEP!!!  The kids love to sleep late and go to bed even later and so do I.  We are all night owls here.  Plus I love not having a schedule to keep!
Hugs and love,

sunnyside46 said...

I love getting up early & walking,long summer evenings,trips to the beach where the sun goes down & the moon comes out while we linger, not wanting to break the spell & go home

gaboatman said...

Summer is the busy season in my line of work and I put in 50 - 55 hour work weeks through most of the summer.  I can't take time off during the summer and my days off are Mon's & Tue's.  No weekends off.  Doesn't leave much opportunity for socializing.  So far, my favorite event of the summer was building that shipping crate with Trenton that I wrote about.  It was fun getting him involved.

gaboatman said...


edandmariann said...

I reckon I like it when my cat gets chilly and she is always cuddleing up to me because I keep the house so cool.  She is just the sweetest thing.  So cute too.  I love my cat.

madmanadhd said...

Many favorite summer memories... but one that has become a favorite memory was when my love and I were gifted with a surprise carriage ride last September for our Anniversary.

Read about it here:

bgilmore725 said...

That would have to be when I started my first blog, and I started that when I got the super cool blue space age gel ant habitat while at a summer teachers' workshop in the mountains of North Carolina.