Friday, August 26, 2005

Seeing Double-Sclazi's Old Man War challenges the senses

Seeing Double- Scalzi's Old Man's War challenges the senses.

Old man meets eternal life in Old Man's War;  John Scalzi's recently published book. In it the hero has the good fortune of being able to exchange his body with a twenty year old body that has his own brain wave patterns (for thinking) and it has smart blood; that is blood that is highly oxygenated to handle all of the stress it will encounter. It also has a brain ban that will remind it of information it needs to know and help it locate things like say, cities or a battle site.

The book is highly entertaining.

How about you? When you get into your later years, say 70s or 80s would you like modern medicine to replace some of your major body parts? Would you prefer to be cloned entirely? Your thoughts please.



curvyanglintexas said...

I think a "Second Me" would be rather frightening LOL Though I MAY not be completely opposed to it. I mean if I needed a transplant, I could go to the clone and not have to be put on a waiting list right? Sounds wonderful to me in that sense.

Would I want science to replace major body parts you mean like an artifical knee or hip? Or are we talking MAJORRRR LOL I would like to be able to live out my life as best I could physically and otherwise, but I know death is inevitable, so, I would probably be rather lonely at some point if I was able to keep "upgrading" myself and others around me could not do the same...


bgilmore725 said...

I'm just getting started on his book, as a matter of fact, but regarding your question, I guess that would depend on my contribution to the world. I would hope that if I were making some kind of significant contribution to somebody's life beside my own, that maybe (if one could afford such maintenance) I would some replaced body parts. To be cloned entirely, I think I would not really be me, but a clone of me. Not exactly the same, is it?