Thursday, October 26, 2006

Teen Finds A Fossil Bird Skull 15 million Years Old

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Teen Finds a Fossil Bird Skull 15 Million Years Old

Los Angeles Times

"Teen Finds fossil skull of big bird"

by Robert Lee Hotz

A teen in Argentina found this huge skull and it is probably the biggest bird ever known! It was ten feet tall and it didnot fly according to reserachers at the Natural Museum of History of Los Angeles on October 25th.

The skull has a crule beak the researcher said; liek the extinct terror birds and these birds used to weigh 400 pounds. Thye ate huge rodents in South America "sheep size".

GUillermo Aguirre-Zabiala found this skull out by rocks in his native village east of Bariloche in Argentina.

So who knows?

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What was your favorite discovery growing up?



jeanno43 said...

OMG, glad that are extinct, would not like to meet one of them.

ravenjuiced said...


sugar1337 said...

Neat find....I bet he has his college paid for now by the amount of money he received off that from a museum...lucky kid!  :)

lifesabench6 said...

I think it's neat.  I used to want to be an archaelogist when I was a kid, but figured all the good stuff would be found already!  This has got to be some great thing for the boy who found this- he'll be telling his grandkids about it some day!  Carolyn

lifesabench6 said...

PS sorry Nat- I used to work at a dirt pit (here in Florida) and I know it was underwater a long time ago (Noah's time).  I used to go sifting through all the shell and base rock piles.  I found a partial sharks tooth which was over two inches long.  I've found tons of sharks teeth and more than a few fully intact scallop shell fossils and old coral fossils.  My Father in law used to do dredging and dragline work.  He found tons of cool bones and stuff.  An area just north of us in the Peace River, they still do fossil hunts.  People have found mastadon, mammoth and saber tooth tiger bones there among other things.  When my boy gets older, I want us to go on a trip there- see what we can 'dig up'!  Carolyn

bgilmore725 said...

As a kid, I played in the dirt. Loved to build things with mud, and make roads and tunnels in the sand pile behind our projects apartment. I remember finding a mushroom, and thinking I could keep it like a rock, you know, start a mushroom collection, I added it to my coffee can (where I kept all my finds). I didn't think to tell anyone, not even my mother... but eventually she discovered it in my bedroom, the whole stinking mess... that's when I learned you can't keep mushrooms in your bedroom in a coffee can. I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. That was an amazing discovery that kid made. I do look for things when my husband is digging up the yard. We found lots of cicada nymphs/grubs in the front yard one year, explaining why we find so many cicadas around here each year. Also discovered that fish love to eat them. No bones or fossils have been found in my yard that I'm aware of. Well, my dogs brought home a small skull one day, and I took it to school. A teacher looked it up on the internet for me and said it was a deer skull. Thanks, Nat~! Bea