Friday, October 13, 2006

Who do you think is the Hero of American liberty?Scalzi's assignment

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Who Do you Think is the Hero of American Liberty?(Scalzi's assignment)


I pick Thomas Jefferson because he was the known founder of our civil liberties as we know them and he was famous for writing down these liberties and creating them into laws.

I suppose that without this hero and a few others we might not have the liberties we have... a terrible thought!

He was a man of modest means who warned us not to rely heavily on the very rich to make our decisions for us!

Ok so.. now you tell us who your hero is and why!

Then, for extra credit. what is agreat book about freedom?




readmereadyou said...

Great choice. I can't pick one because they were all pieces of a puzzle that created the liberties we have today. They were courageous and though not perfect, as close to perfect as you can get to creating an amazing system of government.

bhbner2him said...

I like your choice!  Licoln rates very close to me.  Best book about freedom I know is the Bible.   ***Freedom is the responsibility to do as you ought.** -  My rights end, exactly where yours begin.  -   Barbara

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fisherkristina said...

He was fantastic.  I love his ideas and what he did.  But my husband says he owned slaves.  I guess a lot did back then, but it doesn't seem right.


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lurkynat said...

He was very interesting...some people don't know that he let his slaves stop being slaves and he had a mistress that was aformer slave whom he loved very much for a long time.