Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Peggy Post Lends Help on Minding Manners

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September 2, 2006

Peggy Post Lends a Hand on Minding Manners

Ms. Post, who's grandmother was the authority on good manners, is back!Her book, "Minding our Manners" gives us some breathers when we are trying to get through a difficult situation:

1.Size up the situation first: is the person having a bad day? Perhaps you would be able to overlook this?

2. If you need ot say something, say it in a kind way..kill him with kindness... kindness is contagious!

3. Count to ten

Post is very compassionate. She maintains that 82% of people are rude because our society has become so complex and theyare experiencing difficulties handling that complexity.

She reminds us that when yuo are given a rude comment you don't have to asnwer it. If you choose to answer it, you can answer it in your own way. She also suggests taking your time to laugh it off...life is too short!

So tell us : was someone rude to you in recent memory? what did you do? tell us!:)

TY..Oh and do you agree with Ms. Post?


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