Monday, October 2, 2006

gravity, space and How Einstein thought about it

Google did the pictures


Science, Technology and the Future

August 2006

"Nice Going, Einstein"

(With his general theory of relativity, he tried to explain gravity- and left an even bigger mess for today's physicists to clean up.)

The beautiful pictures up top are of two neutron stars colliding in space. We should be able to see this on earth.

Einstein came up with a theory in 1915 that gravity is coupled with space.this was his famed theory of relativity..

Mr. Kraus explained that gravity is coupled or binded to the elements of space; that means that we have ahrd time seeing gravity because it will curve, expand or cntract according to the other lelements of matter that are present at that moment.

Physicists are having trouble and they are shaking their heads as we speak!lol!

They can only measure gravity when something collasal occurs and they are surprized how weak gravity is compared to other forces!

Currently, scientists think that gravity may come not from matter but from a dark energy that fills empty space. they are thinking that perhaps this dark matter creates a antigravitational impulse which causes the universe to speed up!

What do you think? Does this fit your view of the universe?




readmereadyou said...

I dunno.....As long as I don't fly around the room, I figure all is well. : )

Too bad Einstein didn't recognize how gravity could have meant keeping his two feet grounded inside his marriage and not making his wife's life a living hell as he fooled around and she dealt with one of their schizophrenic sons alone until she died of strokes from stress.

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wfhbear said...

My view of the universe consists of looking up to see the moon once in a whiel. I would suspect from what you say that in my opinion gravity is an energy that is created by a mass, it always stays with that mass, and it conforms to the shape of the mass. I suspect that this means that the properties of the mass have some effect on the gravitational energy. I leave thinking like this to experts. I now have a headache. I guess I just spent to much time thinking about this. Regards, Bill.

sugar1337 said...

I have always greatly admired Einstein myself, one of my favorite qutoes comes from him.

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