Thursday, October 26, 2006

What is your Favorite Halloween Costume?(Scalzi's assignment)

Google did these pictures

What is Your Favorite Halloween Costume?

(Scalzi's assignment)

My favorite costume would be the Ninja Turtles! These wonderful Super Heroes have been a big hit with my kids for a long time!:)They always liked the stories ; in them a teen would become empowered and helped by such a turtle and overcome obstacles in this ever changing world!

My teen did not have such a costume; he made one last year!:)He added a plastic sword and he was set!

OKay now it is your turn! Tlle us about your favorite costume! And keep in mind: it can be yours, your kids' costume, your grandkids 'costume, anybody you know's costume! lol! So let us know who rocks and why...TY



sugarsweet056 said...

My fav costume has always been that of a gypsy woman...easy to make, inexpensive. Such a fantasy! It can be as sexy as you want it, as simple as you want it. Romantic if you like, girly for sure.
Hugs, Sug

rebuketheworld said...

Oh I went as a Gypsie one year..that was fun....the best costume I ever saw was this pregnant woman...she had on a bra and painted her stomach just like a pumpkin...I thought that was original...-Raven

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sugar1337 said...

I posted up mine  :)