Sunday, October 1, 2006

Marla stands out in Nelishianatl's Journal Pics!:Go See!

Google did the pictures

Marla stands out in Nelishiantl's Journal Six Pack!: Go See!

Nelishianti has some great pics for her six packs of favorite journals at:

One of the journalers I know who is well appreciated here is Lisa Jo (queeniemart)of Damaged Goods.Lisa Jo is a great person and agreat writer.

My good friend Marla got picked too!:):)

Marla is a wonderful JLand blogger with a heart full of gold! Her tales of her wonderful family and friends and of the great kids who talk to her at the cafetaria where she works are amusing and inspiring! :):)

Way to go Marla!

Please go check these writers out!



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Will go take a look at her list and stop by each to see what's up. Yeah, Lisa Jo!! My Regards, Bill