Friday, October 6, 2006

What Would You Do? (Scalzi's assignment)

Google did the pictures

What Would You Do?

(JohnM.Scalzi's assignment)

The Scenario:

Mr.Scalzi presented the picture of a professor in the middle of an important lecture, when Bing!!!! one of the student's cell phones goes off! The professor walks over to the student , picks up his cell phone, and slams it on the floor!!Wow!

Mr.Scalzi wants to know: what do you think of what the professor did? Have you experienced something like that? Can you see that happening to you?If so, what would you have done, etc?

I find it hard to believe that people forget that their cell phone is either in their backpack, suitcase or purse and that they leave it on!!!!!I would not have grabbed the phone but I would have looked at the person if they did nto answer it and I would have requested that they turn it off.

Extra credit from John: Do you sometimes answer your cell phone at inappropriate times?

Extra credit from me:

How would you keep a teen focusing on his or her lectures , homework at school and at home with a cell phone?!!! Teens already have computers, t.v.s and house phones to contend with! And at what age do you think they should have them?Thanks!

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readmereadyou said...

I think he should have asked the person with the cell phone to leave to make it clear that would happen to others who forgot theirs on.
He had no right to destroy his property. In college, kids may be adults but I guarantee it's the parents who paid for it.
When my daughter was in second grade, she was fiddling with a pencil and the teacher took it and through it at her and it scratched her face. I blew up and the teacher had consequences.

As for when children are old enough for computers, etc. I see two different styles of that in my own family. My son doesn't allow the 11 year-old to use the computer unsupervised and my daughter allows her 14 year-old to do so and has for a few years. Personally, I agree with my son. I also think kids should only have the cell phones with the prepaid cards as soon as they start JH and it should only be used to contact parents for emergency purposes until they are of age to get their own....18. I think there should be one (possibly two) computers per household and they should NEVER be in a child's bedroom. A family room or living room is a good place where you can check on a child. I'd also have software to monitor what they typed and who they talked to that I'd check up on daily. And, an hour of computer time that is not homework related is ENOUGH. Nobody would like me as a mom. : ) When my kids were young, they were only aloud to watch TV with the family for an hour a night and cartoons on Saturday mornings only. They survived.  : )

readmereadyou said...

PS......I can spell allowed. LOL!

bgilmore725 said...

I entered my response in my journal, Nat. Thanks for commenting in mine. You have a point about the teens. Let's not forget they are attached to their iPods... literally! I saw a young lady with hers strapped to her upper arm as she went about her daily work. Bea

lifesabench6 said...

I can kind of understnad the prof's reaction- though he was wrong to do that.  He should have just told the student to turn it off, then tell the rest, whoever has a cell- turn it off or they will be confiscated until the end of the class.  If he got that mad, then it has most likely happened a lot of other times, and get's frustrated.  He ought to start each class by telling them to turn off the phones.  Carolyn

sugar1337 said...

What the teacher did was wrong.  In my classes the teacher would either tell you to turn it off, answer it for you which is kinda funny, or tell you to leave the classroom....all those seem to work.  For when kids, especially college ones, are running around all day on campus sometimes you forget to turn it off.  Cell phones are a great thing for teens as long as you have rules that go along with it, like not using it at schol unless there is an emergency or not at the dinner table.  It makes it so much safier and easeir for parents to check up on their kids and for the kids to keep in contact with their parents.  My parents let me have a tv and computer in my room and it was never a problem. I also had a cell phone when I turned 16 since I was going to be driving and my parents wanted me to be safe.

wfhbear said...

Sell phones are the bane of modern society. The people that use them have no respect for other. I have heard that there is a device that will keep a cell phone from ringing or being able to make a call within a certain area. I'd like to have that device. I hate cell phones and don't carry one. Regards, Bill.

onemoretina said...

Hey Nat ... I certainly wouldnt have had the nerve to throw that kid's phone on the floor, but I love the thought of doing it !   I have a cell phone, like most everybody else, but I think that some people need to pay attention to what their cell phones are doing to their manners ... and to their driving skills!  Tina