Friday, October 27, 2006

Baby Lucy : Intact Skeleton of Old Human Found

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October 8,2006

National Georgraphic

Baby Lucy: Intact Skeleton of Ancient Humanoid Found

Baby Lucy was found recently in Ethiopia and she is 3.3 million years old! She is 150,000 years older than Lucy the dinosaur!

Lucy walked upright and she died ina flash flood. She had long arms to climb through the trees with and her voice would have been fairly deep.

Wow! Lucy is old huh!

What do you think of Baby Lucy?


eml625 said...

I read about that.....very interesting isnt it?? Can you imagine life  3 million years ago????


lifesabench6 said...

I don't know how they really determine things that old.  I know theres many tests and things they do, but still- I find it hard to believe that they can pin point a specific time from that long ago.  It's always interesting to hear about discoveries, but many times I've heard "Here's the missing link!" or "The worlds most oldest bones!" only to find out it was some poor guy who died of rickets or scurrvy a few thousand or hundred years ago.  It's just that by the time that's found out- it's not news anymore, so we don't hear that part.  Kind of like cro magnon man,  and all the others.  Who knows though.  Just another thing for me to ask God about when I get to heaven! Have a great day Natalie- God Bless!  Carolyn

wfhbear said...

I hope that scientists can tell something more about our evolution form her. If only one small question answered. Regards, Bill.

bgilmore725 said...

I find all these discoveries and reports very interesting. They prove we had ancestors who look similar to us, but were not us. I am no archaelogical scholar, and don't have time to study these matters, but there's not much else we can glean from such findings, is there?  Bea

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