Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jeffrey Archer : A Review of Twelve Red Harrings

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Jeffrey Archer: A Review of Twelve Red Herrings

Jeffrey Archer went to Oxford University and he served in England's parliament for nineteen years.

He's a brilliant writer who never fails to please!

This book is  quick read and it has several short stories in it about red herrings!It's  a lot of fun!



pharmolo said...

Jeffrey Archer went to prison for dishonesty, and boy, didn't he have a cushy time of it.

lurkynat said...

Dear Guido,
I did not know that. Did yuo know that the book he wrote in prison, "Prison Diaries", is  a three volume set and that it sold very well? Did you know that he has received many Edgar Awards for his mysteries and did you know that he has published 120 million copies of his books? Just thought you might be interested to know that.