Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Aol Celebrates its' Third Blogging Year

AOL Journals 3-Year Anniversary Badge

Google did the pictures

Aol Celebrates Third Year of Blogging

Aol Celebrates this bench mark by asking us to blog about it!

Please leave me a link to one of your favorite entries!

It can be very funy, very sad or just fun!

Please do blog about your blogging here at Aol all of this time (or part of it) and leave me a link here to the entry!

I've been asked to mention that Donna

(nightmare mom) has a contest going about naming her lighthouse , so please go visit her.

Sugar,( aka Sugarsweet056), asks that people go to her Furr Babies journal and post an entry about animals who have died this past three years.


Sugar is doing a PET MEMORIAL PAGE for J-Land's upcoming BD Celebration!

If you have lost a pet in the past 3 yrs, please EMAIL her your babies name, M or F, a short note about them, date they passed over, & a pic if you have one. Include your first name, & link if you have one. Be sure she get the info before the 16th, as J-Land will be 3 yo on the 21st!!! {{{}}}

Also, please pass this info along in an entry in your journal. She wants to honor ALL of J-Land's awesome pets that have gone to The Rainbow Bridge!

And Shelley is creating a quilt for all of us who have lost family memebers these past three years!


Ok and Stevie is making a video!

then, Vivian is informing people of these projects and keeping tracking of the bunch!



So check those guys out!


Oh and Happy Anniversary Jlanders! You rock!:):)





nightmaremom said...

Did I miss something?  I didn't see anything about 'blogging' about it.
Help  ::grin::

sugar1337 said...

It is only that long?

pharmolo said...

Blog about blogging? Mind boggles, Natalie :-D

bgilmore725 said...

My very first entry, one year ago, is no doubt my favorite because it explains why I started the journal in the first place. No one knew of my journal back then, so very few people realize the very interesting life I lead last August as an apprentice ant "farmer" in the weeks before the students and teachers returned to school. Actually, the first ten entries are my favorites because I recorded all my observations as the ants became accustomed to their space age blue gel environment. Watching them tunnel was better than reading about them doing it. I didn't even know how to add pictures using aol pictures that first entry, but as you browse through the following entries, the type size increases and pictures get added. So for anyone interested in what it was like to start an ant farm (it's kind of funny... makes me laugh to remember it), here is the link to my very first aol journals entry. Thanks for asking, Nat.  Bea

springangel235 said...

I think it is wonderful...all the journals that I have visited are celebrating ...great start to year number 4...hugs and love,

lv2trnscrb said...


here's a link to my favorite entry; it is also one of, if not the best day of my life. I got to see a baby be born; what could be better than that :)


sugarsweet056 said...

J-Land Party plans are underway, have made several entries to links & so have some others. But we  still need to get more word out about all the stuff that's going on. The video, pet memorial, graphic contest, cyber cake, memorial quilt, etc!!! Appreciat everyone who has put these things & the links in their journals!
Hugs, Sugar

bgilmore725 said...

Way to go, Natalie... with links and everything... now you are talking, lady! Bea

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Way to go Nat!
I'll have to pick out an entry and come back.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

I "think" this is my favorite or at least it's one of my favorite poems.