Sunday, August 27, 2006

Guggenheim to Build its' Largest Museum Abroad!

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Guggenheim to Build Its' Largest Museum Ever In the Capital of United Arab Emirates


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July 28,2006

Frank Gehry, who designed teh Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain is teh designed of the new 300,000 square foot museum and Thomas Krens says this will give the Guggenheim foundation  more reason to become invloved in the Middle East.

the GUggenheim Abu Dhabi will sit on top of and Island which is called Saadiyat or "isle of happines".It is hoped that Abu Dhabi will become a center of tourism, with the museum, a golf  course and hotels and restaurants.

Abu Dhabi's toursim department will fund it and he Guggenheim in New York will manage it!

Wow! Talk about outsourcing!

So will you visit one day? Please leave us some comments!TY


wfhbear said...

I doubt that I would ever leave this country again therefore, I doubt I would visit the museum. I believe that there should be outlets for all the world's arts and that they should be in enough places that all persons can enjoy them. My problem here is that the Arab world is unstable. The Fringe Groups have no problem "torching" public places of any kind. I doubt the Guggenheim would be left untouched. I would hate to see the loss of art and architecture. Although selfish, I would like to see the worlds art in more secure countries. Regards, Bill.

bhbner2him said...


princesssaurora said...

I would love to go to Dubai someday...but it is pretty low on my list!  lol

be well,

mtrib2 said...

It is nice to read about something that celebrates the creativity and imagination of the human mind and with no cultural divisions.    We live in such a precarious and ill fated world it seems more and more.     I have not been on the computer much and am going to physical therapy for severe pain in my hip being contributed to a lumbar spinal condition.     I am trying to get around to the journals a little at a time and then just laying on my board and cushion reading to relieve the pain.    mark