Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bill Has Some Things To Say

Google did the pictures

Bill has Some Things To Say!

He's at:



Go visit Bill! He's anretired Port Authority of NYand NJ Police Lieutenant who worked as a rescue and recovery person after 911at Ground Zero!

He's Vietnam Vet and he lives in the Wild West!

He covers thegamut from adventures in the woods to adventures in local voting for politicians!

He writes also about his lovely wife, and their two dogs, Spirit and Bruno!


springangel235 said...

Bill always has a lot of good things to talk about...very interesting journal, I highly recommend it...hugs,

pharmolo said...

Nat, can you recheck the URL please? It says wthbear doesn't have any journals.

lurkynat said...

Dear Guido, thanks!
I went back to onestrangecat's favorite blogs page and I pulled up Bill's blog. there it was in black and white: the very same address!
Howver I ahve emailed him. perhaps we should alos notify onestrangecat?

wfhbear said...

Hi and thanks for talking about me. The correct link is:
Thanks again and I'll be back. My Regards, Bill

wfhbear said...

wFhbear not wThbear. I look forward to seeing you. Regards, Bill.

libragem007 said...

thanks for his link, Nat..I went and visited.
Gem :-)

onestrangecat said...

you have bill's screen name wrong.  it is wfh NOT wth.  if you got this from my journal it should have worked.  you must have copied it wrong.


lurkynat said...

dear Kathy,
I totally apologize!I knew It was my fault and that I had made a mistake; however I could not figure out what it was! Thank you so much for giving me the links and thank you so much for straightening this out! For the  record, I make about (at least) 2,567 mistakes every day! I hope that you can forgive me!
Guido and Gem wanted to visit his blgo so I was jsut asking for help.