Friday, August 25, 2006

My Ideal Town

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Introduction- (John Scalzi, our journals' teacher, gave us the assignment to write about very atttractive things about our home towns.You may write that below or leave us a link to that entry; or you may write about what would be in your ideal town.)

My Ideal Town

My ideal town would have a large lake with lots of fish!Kids would be able to go fishing when they were free...

There would be creative and funny activities for adults and children alike.

There would be a great beach to walk on and there would be mountain trails to hike up.

People would reach out and help other people and try to make life less suffering.

The city council would actually listen to what people wanted in theri town and try to help them. The school principals would actually try to help kids and he or she would really have the time and consideration to talk to parents and teachers.

Hey is this your town????  if it is, let me know! I want to go!

What kind of things make up your ideal town and what would people do there? Please tell us!


lv2trnscrb said...

my ideal town would be heaven; worshipping the Lord 24/7. No pain; no suffering; no tears.


wfhbear said...

I'm not looking for much. I'd like Mothers to be able to take their kids to a park for a picnic without local bums and homeless people begging for their food and money. I'd like a kid to be able to play on the swing or slide without a pervert trying to take them away. I'd like chirping birds, squirrels and bunnies in my park. Thanks, Regards, Bill.

lifesabench6 said...

Sorry Nat- I goofed and had to re write this.  I like your town- only I'd add a really cool playground, one that adults could play on too.  I've lived in many places, from big cities to the country- in Canada and here in the States.  Many good things about each place, but I don't think I'll ever find what I'm looking for in this lifetime.  Close, maybe, but never perfect.  Please read my entry in June, wiating for a better home.  It's a little bit about where I've been.  Thanks- Carolyn

sugar1337 said...

I finally got a chance to post mine....