Tuesday, May 8, 2007

There is a new planet which may be a place where humans can live!

Google assembled the pictures

The Week

May 13-26, 2007

A new planet has been identified that can support life, that can have water, that is not too hot or too cold... so what do you think? Will people be able to live there in the future if we can get them there?


klconard1 said...

I think the info we have is very sketchy and based upon some suppositions that might or might not prove to be accurate.  If they are accurate, currently we barely have the technology available to safely and reliably get into the space surrounding our own planet.  The sci-fi ability to jump through wormholes or 'bend the space-time continuim' or induce a state of long-sleep with life-support are still beyond us.
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princesssaurora said...

Very cool... I hope someday we finally find out if someone else is out there somewhere!!!

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therealstephhull said...

Honestly, I figure if this new planet is like they say, there is probably already other beings living there, and I am betting they wouldn't take to kindly to us invading and taking their land for our own the way we did with the native americans. Maybe we should learn to be happy with what we have for once, and just make this a potiential future vacation spot.


kamdghwmw said...

They may be able to live there if we don't kill each other off first!

shauneenie said...

Hi Nat-I found this discovery very interesting, but the newspapers reported that the scientist haven't actually seen the planet yet????I guess some computer in space has shown a blimb on the screen?(not too sure) However, I don't believe in other beings anywhere else as I believe what the Bible says about creation.I am very fascinated with the universe and planets etc AWESOME creator God we have!
TY ,Nat-Love, Shauneen xx

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Buy now, while the land there is cheap.