Friday, May 18, 2007

A book for Moms : What do you Think?

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A Book for Moms: What do you think?


May 18, 2007

"I was a Really Good Mom Until I had These Kids"

The CBS reporter interviewed the suthor of this book and sahe was really funny!:):) She talked about issues that many mothers face and take seriously; and ones that they msut develop their own perspective on.

Many mothers , it seems, think that other momsare doing a better job.The author (Ms. Ashworth) says that you can make some choices here as amother. For example, a mother can decide  to;"make peace with your choice of standards as a mother."

She says another thing a mother can do is ;"make a date with your kids to spend some special one on one time with them."

Another author, Quinlan, says that society does  not want to hear about the stress that mothers experience. She said that blogging is alot about expressing the difficulties of notherhood to others and getting feedback.

What do you think about what these two say? What is your view? And so You think that mothers and fathers are not supported by society because they do not want to know about the stress?Does blogging help you oversoem the stress?Let us know!





sugar1337 said...

I think women in general are pretty bad about comparing themselvs to other women, in this case mothers.  I think society might think that since parents decided to be parents then they shouldn't complain about what they wanted or maybe society thinks that stress and parenting just go hand in hand so why draw more attention to it.  Also I think some parents and people in general are better at handling stress than others....many I know could benefit from a stress workshop on how to deal with stress better.

klconard1 said...

I laughed when I read the title "I was really a good mom until I had these kids" lol.  I think our nature is to really judgemental about parents --- our own parents -- our sisters as parents -- our friends as parents -- strangers as parents --- we look at all of them and see their flaws -- and we have big ideas about what sort of parents we will be.  We will be BETTER parents than the ones we see around us.  We will not make the same mistakes our OWN parents made with us.  Then we bring home the tiny bundle (without the owner's manual) and discover our own ideas and plans are now up against reality compounded by responsibility squared by emotional involvement.  We find motherhood is not as easy as we thought.  We learn we can't escape making mistakes.  We lose the attitude lol.
loving you

sunnyside46 said...

I have a hugger that says,"you'd drink too if you had my kids!"

bgilmore725 said...


lifesabench6 said...

Hi Nat- I can identify with what these two are saying- I always think other Moms are better at it than I am, and hoping I'm doing the best job I can do!  Also agree with the other who thinks others don't need to hear about how stressed us parents are.  Everyone seems so caught up in their own problems- who wants to hear about ours?  Writing in my journal sure helps me find ways to express myself, and my own thoughts- even though I'm taking a break from it- I am still grateful that I found a way to be myself and write about my own thoughts and issues that concern me.  It's a way to get my say- but no one else has to necessarily read or agree.  It is a great stress reliever!  Thanks Nat!  Carolyn :)