Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Will you buy a gun?

Will you buy a gun?
Weds. June 25, 2008
The Supreme Court just gave you the right to buy a gun to protect yourself at home and
to carry it around . uhhhhh.... will you buy one? If so what class will you take to make you proficient in this endeavor? Are you confident you can protect yourself?
If you are against this , why?


sugar1337 said...

I don't feel safe in a house that doesn't have one.   There are lots of classes out there and most people that have guns grew up with them and had their families teach them proper behaviors around them.  Of course if you have small children you need to have a locking gun safe and one that mounts to the floor to keep them from getting stolen for no one without a lot of hefty equipment is moving a secure gun safe out of your house.  For in the end even if they tried to make us give up our guns the criminal element will always have them.   Those cities that have banned guns have had their crime rates soar.  I will have to agree with the late Charlton Heston  "From my cold dead hands!"

mereel2005 said...

That this time in my life, I am not comfortable with the thought of a gun. My husbabd, however is trained.
But if we had children, I would not permit a gun in the house. The risk is too high.

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kamdghwmw said...

buy ONE? We have a safe full of them! LOL

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chaispice1023 said...

I have been afraid of guns all my life, but the world is getting to a point where there's a high probability a person will have to have one for protection.  I'm not certified, but work in a law enforcement setting, so I would ask one of the guys to point me in the right direction for classes.  Having pepper spray isn't a bad idea, either.