Monday, July 21, 2008

Columbia: There are Still Hundreds in Chains

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July 16,2008

There were three Americans who we were able to get released from jail in Columbia this past month. They said that they were chained together (two to one lock; neck lock) at night and during the day time, they worked for their captors on a leash with said chain that they carried around.
What do you make of this?
Also, in light of the recent release of three people do you think more people will be able to go? Please write your thoughts .


sugar1337 said...

Well the fact is if they were in jail because they did something wrong in that country then that is their fault.  Most countries treat people in jails horribly and very inhumanely and that is why everyone should brush up on rules/regulations and for that matter jail conditions of places they visit.  The sad fact is those conditions are what sometimes keep crimes low in those areas.  Not to say that makes them ok, but it is the truth of things.  So basically just be very careful when you visit other countries for that can easily happen or worse you could get kidnapped or murdered.

lurkynat said...

Dear Nicole,
the ones who got freed said that everyone in there still is there because they just decided to lock them up! Just like that!
I totally agree with your warnings about visiting some countries! ouch!

am4039 said...

It's so sad that anyone had to be held captive and to have to be chained. I hope everyone is free someday. It makes me so upset when I hear the stories.

erarein63 said...


kamdghwmw said...

I sure hope that more of them will be free. Our daughters travel the world, but if our government says that Americans should not go there then then our children can't go. I do think that people need to be very careful when traveling from there home.