Thursday, July 24, 2008

Teen Parent Network and Judith Sachs

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NBC Today show
July 23, 2008

An NBC reporter mentioned that the number of teen jobs this summer is the lowest since 1958. They wanted parents to hear, however that teens will tell their parents that they do not want to do anything.They actually mean the opposite; they would like to travel with their parents, do projects at home or in the community, maybe even tart a family book club (wow! ) or volunteer locally to help others!
Ms. Sachs warned parents against nagging.
She said that it is crucial that we back teens in our society today.
She said anything is better than just leaving them parked in front of the computer or television all day! Go out and do stuff in nature, she admonished parents.
gain a new hobby; promote projects that the teen wants to do.
This was very interesting to me. My teen actually wants help on a project too.:)
I think we have to step up as parents and friends of teens because often their friends are out of town, moving, or too busy in their sport to help.(or dance or theater work).
What do you think? Do you know teens who would welcome this?
Please tell us.


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Sugar 1337 asked me to post a comment saying that parents need more parenting skills. I am seeking more input on this from bloggers and readers so I will write an entry on it as well. She mentioned that people should get input from various people. Check out the Ireland parenting entry where I will post more.