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Bad Parenting in Ireland?: What do you say?

July 25, 2008
The Week

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Ian O'Douherty
Irish Independant
"We all pay a price for bad parenting"

Mr. O'Douherty claims that Ireland is full of "unfit parents' who abuse their children. He talks about vicious verbal abuse that he personally has witnessed time and time again in Dublin.
He demands that the Irish government take more of an active stance in taking these children away from their negligent parents and doing a better job of screening foster parents.What do you think?


sugar1337 said...

I would have to have more information before I say something like that.  Maybe iti is something cultural that is not understood.  However if there is something that needs to be addressed maybe that country could provide free classes so parents can learn some things or something like that for it would be more productive to do something like that then take children away unless it is something really horrible.

bgilmore725 said...


kamdghwmw said...

I have not really heard that much about this issue. There our bad parents everywhere. Heck our own foster care system is full and over flowing.

lurkynat said...

Sugar1337 emailed me about this. She said that people should be required to pass a parenting class and get a parenting license in order to have children.
On top of that , she said parents should avail themselves of counseling , help from family members and from other spiritual guides.
Nicole also pointed out that the journalist writing this article may not know that much about Irish culture because the Irish are somewhat blunt and outspoken as a people.

lurkynat said...

Gee it sounds like Bea wants a parenting class too!
Anyone know how we can do this?

sunnyside46 said...

I never thought of the Irish as an especially cruel people
I see parents in grocery stores impatiently jerking their children along as fast as their little legs will carry them. I think of when my babies were small and everything was an adventure we undertook together, playing with the vegetables, talking, taking out's so sad when people don't enjoy their children