Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Good Children's Movies

Good Children's Movies

There are some children's movies that I think are expectional. The first one  is :"Totoro", a Japanese animated movie for kids. It is fascinating and it includes Japanes folklore and stories about Japanese families in it. It is famous in Japan and in San Francisco, you can buy Totoro stuffed animals that are created after this movie.

   There are two movies about a continuing story called "the Never Ending Story , Part I and Part II".

This is storytelling at  it's best and the animation is stunning , and fits well with the music.It is very creative and wonderful . It has to do with courage, creativity, finding one's way in the world and standing up for oneself in a meaningful way!

Labrynth is a movie with great actors and a stunning plot built for kids; however, the girl has to figure out the huge maze in this old French castle and grounds in order to find her little brother. Very suspenseful!


sugar1337 said...

Ya I really love the Laybrinth and the Never Ending should try the dark crystal, it has a bit of a darker feel to it, but if you like those two movies then you should like it as well.

courtenaymphelan said...

One of my favorite films is The March of The Penguins..Courtenay

sunnyside46 said...