Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Chinese feel insulted by the US and by the Japanese

The Chinese feel insulted by US and by the Japanese

Did you see in US News and World Report that the Chinese are not too happy about our foreign realtions recently? Apparently, while in Japan Our President Bush made some comments about how China is not honoring our few trade zone agreements; the result of whihc is that they end up not buying some thing and not paying some things and we end up short.

I wonder what the Japanese thought about this.

In this article it was stated that the Japanese people are worried about China's increasing power and dominance in Asia's arena.They cited North Korea s an example and they stated to the world press that North Korea assumed that if they "played fair" other nations woudl treat they well. North Korea was hugely dissapointed in the ned in how others treated them.

Japan is rethinking whether being the "nice guy" in Asia will give them what they need as a country or not.

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