Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Is it okay to clone a dog ? what do you think?

The Koreans clone a dog using a human embryo

Time magazine and United Press International have had a field day reporting the cloning of a dog by Korean scientists using a human embryo.

Time mentioned the honor that was bestowed upon the scientist because it is the first cloned living thing after that famous sheep a few years ago in Scotland.

UPI was baffled why using an embryo created for a human child would be used to create a dog.They mentioned that it might not be such a high moral ground for this scientist to tread.

What do you think?

Do you remember that the people who pushed for stem cell research specifically promised everyone that this type of cloning would not go on?





sugar1337 said...

I think cloning is going to happen regardless of what people try to do.  I think it needs to be made legal for this purpose...if things are made legal usually rules go along with it, and it could keep people from doing it to humans.  Regardless though, someone in the near future is going to try to clone a human, and I just hope that the person that is created understands its purpose and doesn't end up just being some sick lab rat.

kiplingcrissy said...

Cloning is against GOD! I don't care what people say it is WRONG! It should not be legal, it should not be happening PERIOD!

sunnyside46 said...

I have not heard about htis. How could you clone a dog using a human embryo?

lurkynat said...

Dear Marti,
Apparently, they cloned the human embryo.