Tuesday, November 1, 2005

El Dia de Meurte or The Day of the Dead

El Dia de Meurte or The Day of the Dead

We have good friends who hail originally from Mexico and there they have a great tradition of honoring relatives who have passed away called El Dia de Meurte.

They set the table for dinner like always, except that they add a placesetting for every family member who has pased away.They cook the favorite meal of that person. That night, they also set up an alter ..a way to honor that person with photos, pictures of their favorite things, and they make little sugar sculls like the person.

After they eat they leave the meal for the preson. They imagine the person sitting with them and visiting the family after the meal. They are happy that their dear relative has come by to visit them.The next day they remove the food. It is a joyous occasion!



joolsinwa said...

sorry that just sounds sick and wrong.

lurkynat said...

OK I jsut wanted to add that my friend belives in God and Christianity very much. In Mexico this is not a conflict ...natalie

sugar1337 said...

Ya I went to a Catholic school and they set up an altar to honor this tradition and it was really neat to see another aspect of Catholicism that another culture has used to fit into their cultural needs.  I actually like the idea myself....I think being joyous over a person's life rather than their death is something that I think more people would benefit from.

dragonrose3911 said...

This is my favorite mexican holiday..celebrating the dead and all....lol. I dont see anything wrong with it..my mom does though. Turns out...coincidence...hehehe....my mom's birthday is Nov 2nd. :)

sunnyside46 said...