Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is Putin Dangerous?

Is Vladimir Putin Dangerous?

The Economist

Feburary 11-17

In 1999, Vladimir Putin took over the Presidency of Russia. The editorial staff of The Economist no longer expects him to bring forth his promised "managed democracy".

However, they say that Russinas are freer now than they were during the Cold War;

even though Mr. Putin is a card carrying member of the KGB. 

This article mentions a study by Yego Gaidar who says that there is a comparision between the Yeltsin/Putin era and that is has to do with a period of disorder and chaos followed by authoritariansim and nostalgia; like the period that Germany went through in 1918-1933.He is hoping that an era like the one that Hitler founded will not come to be in Russia.

What do you think? Is Putin's "bureaucratic authoritarinism" approaching a fascistic govenment that we should be taking serious notice of?


readmereadyou said...

We should always keep our eyes open with countries who have world domination in mind.......including our own.


monponsett said...

Once we get them hooked on fast food, watery beer and teenage pop singers... they'll be just another backward group of westerners.