Friday, April 21, 2006

Teens Dropping out of High School, Part II

Teens Dropping out of High School, Part II


April 17,2006

"Dropout Nation" by Thornburgh

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Shelbyville, outside of Indianapolis, is fighting back to keep more teens interested in attending high school according to Thornburgh. The town is creating an alterntive high school, upping the penalties for dropping out, and encouraging the local factory not to hire teens who drop out.

Thornburgh also mentions a student who was encouraged by her school administrator to drop out so she did. She said itwas intimidating to try to aplly at teh community college then because she did not want for people to call her stupid. (wow!)

She even told Thornburgh that things might have turned out better for her if people had asked her to stay the course.

Please leave comments: What do you think is causing this and how can we best change it for the better?

Extra credit: What role do parents and administrators play in this?

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