Thursday, April 6, 2006

Katrina Debunked Part I

Katrina Debunked Part I

Popular Mechanics

March 2006

Editors of Popular Mechanics

"Now What?"


These dicussions are dedicated to Marti and Bea.

The Ditors of Popular Mechanics spent more than four months interviewing officials, scientitsts, and victims.

I. Hurricane Katrina was highly unusual: true of false?

Actually it was a 3 ina scale of 1 to 5 in the Saffir scale.

According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami the Atlantic is in  a cycle of heightened hurricane activity and we could see 12 more in the next 40 years.

II. Anarchy did not take over:true or false?

True! there were no shoot outs in the Superdome, no bodies stacked in the convertion center freezer, no bad people or snipers in the helicopters.

Most of the crime stories did not come true, with the exception of looting and some property crimes.

On Augest 29th Colonel Beron of the National Guard said that the Superdome's power failed at 5 am and people then felt lousy from too much heat.People started pushing each other and one National Guardsman got attacked. He actually shot himself in the leg!

The New Orleans police department stopped an attempted rape. When the Superdome was cleared, six bodies were found, not 200!Of the sic, four died of natural causes , one died of a suicide and one died of a drug over dose.

Instead of anarchy in the streets, people were taking food adn water says Captain Marlon Defillo of the New Orleans police department.

What do you think of these statements?


readmereadyou said...

I think these people went through terrible experiences. I didn't blame them one bit for going to get food and water. I know I would do anything for my family in times of disaster. The few that took TVs were just a small portion....mostly kids. What matters are lives not things at times like those. I think the government should have had those levies (sp) fixed by now and they STILL don't. It's just disgusting. People lost everything they have. It's so sad that it just breaks your heart that it could happen again because they aren't fixed yet.
As for the statements above, I heard them before on cable. I truly believe that the media screws up a lot of things. But it was awful to have those people locked in a stadium for so long when school buses that were later found underwater could have taken them out of harms way. I'll shut up now. I get nuts when I think of how badly the poor and the elderly are treated.


monponsett said...

I saw a lot of brothers carrying their food and water inside new televisions.

sunnyside46 said...

People dont realize that in the first days that news was beginning to get through, the reporters were in the same shape as the people on the news. They were trapped , frightened, hungry....things got exaggerated.