Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why are 30% of teens Dropping out of High School?

Why are 30% of Teens Dropping out of High School?




In an article published by Time this week  30 % of teens in America are dropping out..This is part one; the part where I ask you:"Why do you think that this is happening ? Why so many kids?Also, is it happening in your town? You can take your best crack at it this time.

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readmereadyou said...

I think that education isn't stressed in families from the time a child is very young......I mean pre-school. Rewards should be given for good grades and help and time should be spent with kids who aren't doing well in certain subjects. Money isn't a problem here. Anyone can get help from any free library. School counselors are available. There's no reason for a child to fail or drop out unless they haven't been taught the value of home. Children should have access to books, books and more books from the time they are born and less to computers and the TV set......Enjoyable books for their particular age groups are readily available at libraries. I could go on all day but I'll stop here. : )


lisbnjvi said...

Well, here in our little town, there maybe 1 or 2 teens that drop out, but that's it.  I think that if you look at the city areas and the more poverty stricken areas, you will see more dropouts.  Why?  Well, I don't know the answer to that.  But, in the town I live in almost 80% go onto college, so that will tell you something there.  I believe there are many reasons teens drop out of school, one being that they can make money buy illegally doing something (either selling drugs, etc.) depending on the area they live in, they don't have enough family involvement pushing them to STAY in school, or they just feel that the curriculmn is too hard.  I know our school system is VERY hard, college prep as of Middle School, so it's amazing to me that more kids don't drop out because of the pressure.  But, then again, if the family pushes the child to stay in school and gives them the consequences if they don't graduate, then the child is most likely to stay in.  Just my 2 cents.
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sugarsweet056 said...

It's my belief not enough focus is put on education in the family & the community. The area where I live does not have this problem, most of the families here keep thier children in school...lots of the young people are also involved in Church &/or other organizations.

jlocorriere05 said...

Kids in the UK drop out of education moreso than US kids. A lot of them can't even read and write and not enough parental control is exerted over them. They aren't encouraged to carry on and learn. A lot of parents aren't in the position to finance their kids through college or university either. Unless the sysytem changes it won't get any better. Jeannette.