Monday, April 3, 2006

Do Setbacks Make You Stronger?

Do Setbacks Make You Stronger?

Psychology Today

April 2006

The Hidden Side of Happiness

by Katheleen McGowan

McGowan points out that people love to hear stories of other people about how they became stronger individuals because of enduring hard times.

McGowan says that people have an innate capacity to do well under difficult cicumstances.

She says that people who have suffered the most could maybe have the most information about their fulfilling journey to find a good life.

This good life is a combination of deep satisfaction and a caring connection to others through empathy.

Laura king, a psychologist at the University of Missouri in Columbia says that sometimes only difficult situations can help us to become creative, wise, caring and generous. She says that sometimes growing hurts.

What do you think?


sugar1337 said...


jlocorriere05 said...

I don't think that only hard times make us caring and generous, it applies to some people but others get really bitter over them, I don't think you can generalise. Jeannette.  

bgilmore725 said...

I think the struggle through difficult circumstances, provided one does get through them, helps us become more caring and empathic toward others. I think a good dose of struggling helps one to reach beyond her normal tolerance level to grasp within a strength or endurance level she never knew she had. I think a person can become overwhelmed with too much of a difficult circumstance, but generally, when we are challenged beyond our perceived limits, we can either stretch and grow, or we can collapse and give up. Even in the giving up, we learn, and in time we come to know that the giving up was important too. I think it depends upon the circumstances. It depends upon our past experiences with defeat, rejection, and loss. I think our health at the time may determine how well we adjust and overcome during difficult circumstances. And I think that those who have an abiding faith can get through any difficulty. Growing hurts because growing is living, and living, with its myriad of joyful moments, hurts. That's neither bad nor good. Just a fact. What do you think, Nat? bea

calmingtherain said...

i do think that setbacks do make you a more caring,generous,more respectful of others feelings,etc,etc but which i feel i have endured more than my share in my lifetime but still do know there are others in this world that have went through worse yet but still at times it dont help me. it soooo makes me want to throw in the towel at times. it makes me wonder how i have held on for so long. it makes me angry at times because i feel like it is time for me to have a break of hardships. i see others get breaks and wonder sometimes why i cant have a break. so i dont really know what i feel or think about hardships and struggles. i have a lot to be thankful for but sometimes the struggles are just too much to take. debbie

lisbnjvi said...

I believe everyone needs to face some setbacks in life to overcome and to test how strong the human spirit really is.  Some of us it seems have to overcome obstacle after obstacle in our lifetime.  It's all a learning experience though and should never be thought of as a "Why me?" scenario.  Learn from it and carry on, don't dwell.  That's what I do at least.
Hugs and love,

monponsett said...

The only way to gain power is through someone else losing power. therefore, other people's setbacks make me stronger... especially if I can profit from it somehow.

debbted said...

HI Nat~I believe in growth through pain, although sometimes I groan about it! Do setbacks make you stronger? Yes--I definately believe so. Does God ever give us more than we can handle? No, but sometimes it sure feels like it. GBU~Sassy

sunnyside46 said...

you can't always control what happens to you but you can always control your attitude.