Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lesser Known Work of A Great Man

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(John made me do it!)

Lesser Known Work of a Great Man

This artist used symbolism to convey intuition, harmony... his use of the abstraction  was developed to a very high level. People called him a genius.

He loved his pipe.He was from Europe.

Who was he?

OKokok ...So please play along... pick a favorite artist,poet or musician, select alesser known piece of work, post it here and tell us about it!

This is John Scalzi's assignment so you can post  there too!


sugar1337 said...


libragem007 said...

I don't know this artist..but he sounds interesting lol!
Gem :-D

bgilmore725 said...


readmereadyou said...

I don't remember the name of this artist.
I can't pick one favorite artist. I like all of the French impressionists and many others too.
I can't pick a favorite muscian.......I like most.
I like all art (except for modern or the type above) and again, I can't pick just one. : )

onemoretina said...

    Ahhh ..... Magritte !!  My son just bought one of his prints last week.  It's that one that's a kind of combination of the first two pics here ..... The guy in the top hat with an apple in front of his face.  Called  'The Son of Man.'   Tina

shermeen0621 said...

this one i've no idea about, i'm not much of an art girlie. but i know what i like. that first print is really good, i'd have that hanging in my house.

please don't keep us in suspense as to who it is for too long.
sherms xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Looks and sounds like Salvador Dali. Jeannette.