Wednesday, April 12, 2006

United 93: Are We ready to see a film touting 9/11 heroes?

United 93: Are We Ready to See a Film praising 911 Heroes?

Stevensen Swanson

Chicago Tribune

It's been less than five years  since 9/11 and Hollywood tried to air a preview of its' new movie about the wonderful pilots who tried to save the people in the airplanes and in the Twin Towers.

Unfortunately, it was hard for some people in the theatre in New York City to view.Cries broke out. The theater manager turned it off.

Do you agree? Would you have turned it off?

As for myself, I am interested in the movie. I don't know which parts I would have to shut my eyes on, but eventually I feel that these heroes deserve to be seen and praised in a big way.What about you?


cdittric77 said...

Hi Nat!

Very good topic, and not one that I've seen posted about in much of J-Land. I am not a fan of this movie being released at this particular moment. I do not think that with a drawn out war with little end in sight that now is the best time to be showing this film in the United States.

I understand that it can shore up support for the war, but I do not think that we need to be exposed to this at the moment.

Talk to you soon!

sugar1337 said...


readmereadyou said...

I've watched a few 9-11 movies already. After the second one, I got really upset, so personally, I've decided against seeing any more......for now anyway. Who knows, maybe in the future, I will be able to watch another.

I do believe that keeping the memory of that day alive is very important. People forget too easily the danger that these monsters present to us. We can never forget or they will get us again when we least expect it. Security really is what we should concentrate upon and frankly I think our borders are unsafe and unprotected. That worries me more than any movies being shown.


lurkynat said...

I want to compliment these first writers for their audacity and frankness in dealing with a difficult subject.
What do you think about what they have said?
Do you think that posting a sensitiviity warning at the movei theater where you buy tickets as Niki suggested would be helpful?

lurkynat said...

How about what Read me read you has said?
How can we keep this in people's minds and hearts and take care of border concerns the best way?

princesssaurora said...

I think that showing the trailer at the beginning of a DIFFERENT movie, without warning, was unfair in the NYC area.  It caught the parents, sisters, brothers, wifes, kids etc of victims unaware at a time they were out to see a family movie!!!!

However, as far as should the movie be out there at all, yes, it should, the problem was with the surprise trailer at the beginning of movies.

be well,

gaboatman said...

Personally, I am not ready to see this movie, or others like it.  That's just me, though, and I respect the right of the producers to have made this movie.  I think it would be better recieved by the public had they waited a few more years to release it.  The memories of these heroes must be kept alive, indeed.  I just think the emotional scars of this attack are still too fresh for many of us.

monponsett said...

It would have been sad-but-cool if they managed to crash the jet, but mistakenly hit a 7-11.