Monday, April 3, 2006

Can A Crisis Be Good?Bad Times, Part II

Can A Crisis be Good?

Psychology Today

April 2006

The Hidden Side of Happiness

by Kathleen McGowan

Tedeski says that crises are "seismic" because they turn life assumptions upside down.Then,  new framework has to be built. They casue peopel to reconsider how they think and what they do. Survivors of hard times often say that they are more forgiving of others, that they are more tolerant of others, and even, that they have become more capable of helping others, according to McGowan.

What do you think?

Think outside the box please. :)


sugar1337 said...


jlocorriere05 said...

I agree partly with the last comment but also think a crisis can help people to understand what others are going through when times are bad. Jeannette.  

readmereadyou said...

IMO, any crisis brings out compassion in people. However, it also takes its toll physically and emotionally on many. That's part of the negative. I think it takes years to overcome crisis. And, we are always different after a severe crisis. Some for the better but not all. In the long hall, however, the person who experienced the crisis is more empathetic, sympathetic and therefore much more compassionate to others than they were before. JMO


bgilmore725 said...

I agree!! Who better to understand what a cancer victim is going through than a person who has survived cancer herself? What better advice can come from anyone other than another cancer survivor? And not just for people with cancer, any disease or condition that changes one's life... parenthood changes one's life... imagine trying to get help from someone who isn't a parent, never experienced parenthood! When you have lost a loved one, you would be a good companion to someone who has lost a loved one because you have walked the road before and you know about the pitfalls and the holes in the road, and you can help another person as they walk that same road... yes, survivors of hard times are more forgiving of others... but first, they have to survive. If they are in the midst of their crisis, they probably aren't going to be as strong as they would be a few years later when the crisis has passed. Good entry, Nat. bea

monponsett said...

There's gonna be a crisis if I don't get a link in your Other Journals section.

sunnyside46 said...

It is up to us to make something good come out of tradegies.