Sunday, April 9, 2006

Please Visit a Boy Who Needs Encouragement

Please visit a boy who needs encouragement

Please visit Bea's blog at Http://

She is writing about a boy and his family who need encouragement and Get Well Wishes as he srtuggles to improve his health.I visited the family.

I found that Bea had accessed Care Pages which feature wonderful young people whom anyone may go visit and give good wishes to! These young people have great attitudes; despites what health issues they have they are pursuing an active life through sports and through pursuing thier hobbies. What do you think?

Do you admire these people?


jlocorriere05 said...

Having worked in a childrens hospital for the past seven years I've seen so many sick kids. They are so strong in spirit and just don't give up. We could learn lessons from them. Jeannette.  

readmereadyou said...

We all admire those who overcome so much. We all have different levels of strength.....some physical and some mental and sadly, some have neither. So, I guess these young ones have the mental and they help those who have neither mental or physical.

I do admire all you have compassion.....even those who seemingly aren't doing anything but they are praying.


sugarsweet056 said...

Yes, I've already visited! Blessings to the family & precious child!
Nat, thanks so much for all your warm comments in my journals. You brighten my day! ;0)
Hugs {{{NAT}}} & Blessings,

sunnyside46 said...

going there now