Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Will you Install a GPS in your child's Cell Phone?

Will You Install A GPS in your child's Cell phone?


The reporter showed a tracking device that , when a teen cooperates and leaves his ceel phone on, would show the parents an approximate area where the teen is.

Will you install one?Please leave comments.

I am personally concerned about its' accuracy becasue it does not give you a street address; just a global area.

However, was your child or relative to get into an accident, I would like to know if this would help the hospital locate the victim faster... and that could be key as far as response time in a big city...

So I hope that the company will develop the technology more and give an exact locale.

Extra Credit:Would you register your dog witha GPS! lol! I would if one fo them was huge and ran away alot! How about you!


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I read that if your normal cell phone is turned on then the police can track you down to an area of 50yds. I've nothing to hide so it doesn't bother me at all. Could be helpful in tracking down missing persons. Jeannette.