Friday, April 21, 2006

Water From the Moon- Nasa

Water From the Moon - Nasa

United Press International

Nasa has announced that we would like to crash into the moon with sufficient force to crash some below the level water to emerge. I've been told that this is important because if water does appear we can settle the moon eventually.

Price tag: 90 million dollars.

Please comment : Is it  worth it?

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libragem007 said...

90 mil?? aw geez! why don't they just shower some money MY way..I could really use it  *grin* :-)
hey do have some interesting entries and stories I usually don't hear..thanks for taking the time to write them and share it.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Gem :-)

sugar1337 said...


readmereadyou said...

IS IT WORTH IT???? With all that's happening to this world, we have to fix it here before we think about anywhere else. That's like saying, let's go fix our neighbors plumbing when ours isn't working right either. I think the country is going nuts. Our own water is a mess in too many places. Our environment must be preserved and fixed. To hell with the freakin moon until we fix what's wrong here. (Sorry, sore spot).