Thursday, April 13, 2006

Border Patrol; How do we stay safe?

Border Patrol; How do We stay Safe?

I have a writer who suggested that it would be useful and necessary for all Americans to talk about how we can keep terrorists out of America.Yes I think we all know that many travelers are not terrorists; the challenge is this: how do we weed out the terrorists from the plain people?

What system would give us: range, oversight, communication and feedback?

What do you think?

I like the idea of using those same large vehicles that Popular Mechanics , March issue, editors reccomended to use for hurricanes. They have grounded communication lines and satellites. We coudl install special agents there adn use special night  vision equipment. What do you think?


readmereadyou said...

My idea wouldn't work now. I believe the moment we were attacked in 2001, the President should have called in the National Guard to secure our boarders around our entire country and continued that practice as needed. Unfortunately, most of our National Guardsmen are now fighting in Iraq.....a war I never thought was right. I believed we had the PERFECT right to go to Apghanistan and continue to fight terrorists and search for Bin Ladin but there was no point to Iraq. Hussein is/was a horrible man but there are many horrible dictators in the world. We cannot fight them all.  Iraq did not attack us and did not have training camps for terrorist. Iran is the greater threat to this country but our men and women in uniform are spread so thin because of Iraq, we cannot sufficiently protect our borders nor do we have the man power to save us from the threat of Iran or North Korea for that matter.


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gaboatman said...

I think that our border patrols have been under staffed and under funded for many years.  The increased screening at airports and the other normal points of entry are a good step, but ntil we give the border patrol enough money and personnel to effectively do the job, we will always have a weak spot.