Friday, April 21, 2006

The More the Chinese Use Gasoline, the higher the Price

The More the Chinese Use Gasoline The Higher the Price


CNN reporters keep hitting this point: that the more the Chinese start driving cars, the more demand for gasoline will rise.CNN says that this demand will cause our prices to soar over time.

Note: Every summer gasoline prices do go up and right now , people are worried about Iran too.Hopefully these problems are temporary.

However, sharing gasoline in the global market is a huge problem and it is not temporary.

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Extra credit: Do you think that the fact that many citiznes in the US and in China are interested in driving hybrids will help ease this problem? Why or why not?


shermeen0621 said...

i think those who wouldnt want to drive hybrids, wouldn't be able to afford them.

Its a much debated topic, develpment vs gas prices, pollution, natural resources etc. look at the situation now with it being most the north western countries that are fuly devolped and economically stable. we've had this suggested many times in our international relation classes, that if other countries were as developed as say the USA, the world would be in a much worse state. if almost every family in Africa owned a car, think of the pollution, the oil prices. the strain on natural resources. but then is the question of, is it far that some nations should suffer just so others can live an opulent lifestyle. is it fair? perhaps not, but is it necessary? i think that somewhere along the line, the most powerful nations realised it was. and that's the reason so many nations are still underdeveloped. its not that we can't help them, but there has to be something in it for us. like oil.

shermeen xx

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bgilmore725 said...

It seems that we Americans have developed a life-style over the past hundred years that nearly requires us either to own a vehicle or at least depend upon some kind of gas-powered transportation to get around from day to day. That's an interesting thought that leads one to wonder about the motives and beliefs about our nation, or the leaders of our nation, and the leaders of other countries whose needs for modern-day living are like ours. Our country's history points repeatedly to decisions made and actions taken that did not serve to protect the interests of people/nations whose lifestyle and culture differed from ours. In fact, there was a time when we tried to annihalate them: the American Indians. When there is a clash of interest in natural resources between our country and another, our country is going to get theirs first. THen we help other countries get what they need, but there are too many people left without food and shelter because of their geographic location. Living in a land that is mostly desert, where there is no food or water for most of the year, is not a practical choice. Kind of like people who keep building their homes on the hurricane broken coastal regions, or who want to build in the depression of a land that is definitely going to be flooded if a hurricane hits again, or cities built on faults. Humans are risk-takers. They live for the now. Some care what will happen in the future and act accordingly, but some are seduced by the pleasures of the here and now, and their mantra is "Don't worry, be happy!" Hybrids are expensive... the rich can afford them, and the people who have two well-paying jobs can afford them, but the rest do not, so what kind of impact can that make if only the wealthy and well-to-do drive the hybrid cars and use less gas while the rest of world - the poor folks you might say - continue to drive their gas-guzzlers and polluters? What do you think? bea

readmereadyou said...

I think that the gas problem isn't as bad as they are making it. The prices went up long before their was a serious problem. I think the oil and gas companies are gouging and it makes me sick. From what I read, we do not get most of our oil from Iran or Iraq. We get it from Canada. So, what the hell is going on? We aren't at war with Canada.