Thursday, April 6, 2006

Presents for Queen Krissy

Presents For Queen Krissy

Hey! John Scalzi made me do it!:(

This is our serious assignment and I'm taking it seriously!(no pun intended nor created...)

Uhuh!(clears throat)

I know that Queen Scalzi deserves a pirate ship worth of gold, an ocean full of black gold, three 60 karats diamonds, a trip to Peru and Argentina with John and Princess Athena in tow; however, John said to "be reasonable."

Okokokok....what about a beautiful scarf from Moma

(Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art)...?

Or what about a nice stone necklace with her birth stone?

What about a weekend with John  out some where and and Athena stays with Krissy's mom?

I rest my case. ( pounds gavel).

Please reader post comments about your favorite ideas fora gift or your blog address where we can read your story!


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monponsett said...

I told him to send Krissy away (by herself or with a girlfriend) for the weekend.