Sunday, April 30, 2006

Freedom Tower continued

Freedom Tower (continued)

I have received an essay from Dawn (princessaurora) about the new Freedom Tower.

This entry will cover Dawn's remarks and Angela's thoughts.It will ask for feedback.

According to Dawn the new tower's base is a windowless block of concrete and steel 200 feet tall.Apparently, the New York Police Department insisted that this bomb proof base be completed and removed a distance from the street for safety purposes.It is further away from the street than the architect had originally planned to avoid car bombs.

Due to these safety concerns, Daniel Libeskind, the architect, had to drop his original plans for an asymmetrical spire to evoke the outstretched arm of the Statue of Liberty.the spire was supposed to rise to 1,776 feet as a tribute to the American Revolution.David Childs collaborated with Libeskind to design a larger tower surrounded by cables rising 400 feet.

The new Freddom Tower:

1. It does not twist.

2. It has no windmills

3. It lacks the Statue of Liberty spire.

4. It's facade is supposed to remind everyone of the Twin Towers. There is an antenna in the middle that is 1,776 feet tall.

Accordingly several New York newspapers and some Chicago publications came out

against this tower.

Angela wrote that she agrees with Charley (last Tower entry) that we should have lights

here every night for people to enjoy. However, since so many people died (3,000 in these 16 acres) she does not think that anyone should have to work there. Instead, we shoudl have a very nice memorial park for everyone to appreciate; given that so many people died there.

What do you think? Please write your comments.


jlocorriere05 said...

I think there should be a memorial garden where people could just sit and reflect on the atrocity commited there. Jeannette xx

sugarsweet056 said...

I agree with Jeannette in previous entry!

readmereadyou said...

Yes, a place of reflection.

sugar1337 said...


monponsett said...

They should build it with the bones of slain Taliban members and sympathizers.

princesssaurora said...

You know my feelings... I think it should be a huge memorial.  Not unlike the USS Arizona in Hawaii.  I also wish the lights would be up all year round, apparently they are so expensive that no gov't agency will pay for it... why can't some billionaire set up a huge trust that would generate interest and pay for them forever, I don't know...but that is another story...

be well,