Friday, April 21, 2006

DNA in a card, Part II discussion


Charley Ditric

DNA in a card, Part II, discussion

Some scientists and some politicians think that if we as a nation decided to record our DNA in a card , it would help us limit access to our country to terrorists because no one has the exact same DNA structure; making it avery exact form of identification.

Congress is said to be "riding the fence" on this subject according to Google.

At question is: does this violate our Right( no.4) in the Constitution to a reasonable search and our protection against unlawful invasion of privacy and undue force?

It's an interesting question- what do you think?

Please leave your comments here.

Extra credit:

Do you think, as some JLanders do, that our government should also list our diseases , such as Aids or other contagious diseases so that other people can find out about them?




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