Friday, April 28, 2006

New 911 Monument in New York City Started!

911 Monument in New York City Started

Two days ago, a girlfriend of mine from new York denied to me that this mounment was going up!:):)

So in talking with Shermeen and Angela here, I want to say that it is going up and it will be a huge majestic

tall building for all to see !:):)

We can all admire our heroes from 911 here from now on! How great!:):)


sugarsweet056 said...

And they are heroes, ALL OF THEM!
God Bless, SUGAR

readmereadyou said...

I'm glad there is a monument but nothing can bring them back and my soul aches every time I think of that day.


sugar1337 said...

I will be interested to see the final building they are putting up...

princesssaurora said...


cdittric77 said...


While technically you are correct (that the monument portion of hte building is in the lower levels), the buildings entire design is based around remembering not just the towers that were there before, but also those that perished in it. Thus the heavy emphasis on light and water and even trees throughout the building. It reaches high in direct defiance of what happened that day, to show American resolve is undeterred. The building is also designed to evoke memories of the Statue of Libery - so much so that originally the chief spiral was to be off center to evoke the statue's torch. While this has been changed, it's purpose has remained the same.

The entire building is a monument, and the architects were instructed to design the facility with that in mind.


princesssaurora said...


I know that is what the architect intended - however, I am in agreement with the majority of the family members, that the whole area is hallowed ground and no where NEAR enough of a monument or preservation of that hallowed ground is being done.  Imagine filling in the ground where the USS Arizona lies in Pearl Harbor and building on top of it.  I think it is awful.  Yeah, I get the defiance thing... but to me... I don't agree, I agree with the majority of the families.  Leave the imprint.

be well,

monponsett said...

I hope they don't put a cross on it... crosses look like planes.