Friday, April 14, 2006

blogging with Jlanders !

Blogging with Jlanders

(John made me do it!)lol!

Yes people the thing I miss the most when I don't have technology is you!Jlanders and JLander guru John Scalzi you are it!:):) I have pinned the tail on the donkey!

Joe at Magic Smoke has his fun days too when Aol has gone biserk! lol! And when he brings out the little Kitty calendar!

:):) How about you? what technology would you miss if you lost it the most?

You can write it out or leave me a link. You can also leave a link at our illustrious guru's desk at John Scalzi's.



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bgilmore725 said...

If you had asked me two years ago, my answer would definitely not be what I am about to say. If I lost my internet access at home, I would miss everything that access connects me with... all my email friends, the stories, the requests, the jokes, the video clips. I would miss very much making journal entries, and reading the comments that result. I would miss visiting others' journals, and leaving my comments.  I would miss being able to do research on anything and everything anytime I wanted to just out of curiosity. I could give up the phone, although, the cell phone my husband began subscribing to around Christmas time is becoming something I very much like having with me when I am on the road, and when I have to call long distance. Since all my family lives long distance, on my husband's side and on my side of the family, having a cell phone plan makes life more tolerable and pleasant, especially when we are traveling, like we were this week. Bea