Monday, April 3, 2006

Hypnosis with Medication Part II

Hypnosis with Meditation Part II

In 1958 The Amercian Medical Assocaition suggested that surgeons  introduce hypnosis to their patients when it might help with migraines, depression and cancer pain.

In Europe Dr. Marie Elisabeth uses hypnosuggestion and some medication with her surgery in the Hospital of Liege in Belgium. Studies in Europe now show that patients who used hypnosis can reduce their medication to 1% of what it would normally be and they are able to avoid having nausea or fatigue.

Faymonville also noted that with hypnosedation the workers can return to wrok in 15 days instead of 28!

So do you still think that this technique will not help many people? Feel free to tell your true thoughts.





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Our text & many articles state they do not see the differences.