Thursday, April 13, 2006

United 193 Film Part II, What we can do

United 193 Film, What we can do

A Jlander has a great comment. She suggested that the film people could post a warning sign at the movie theater that says: "Warning, this movie could  be shocking and scary for people who have witnessed 911.Please be advised."

Do you think that this would help?

I ask because some of us think that it is essential that people keep 911 and its' heroes in mind.

Please post comments. Add any other vehicle for this too.



readmereadyou said...

I think it would be a good idea to post that warning because.....

We must never forget 911 and the dangers posted by the threat of those that hate us. Yet, whether a person views the movie or not, with that warning, no one really forgets the threat, yet no one is offended in any way.

Great entry,

sugar1337 said...

I think it is one thing to keep them in our minds, but it seems like hollywood is just using them for profit and that is just really sad.  The only way I would support a movie like this is if all the money (after the people who made the movie were paid) went to people that were effected by this and related charities.  

monponsett said...

If I'm allowed into Heaven, none of those passengers will ever have to buy a beer again.

lurkynat said...

So far in the comment thread and by email Jlanders have told me that they think that the American public will be ready for this film at one point and that there should be a benefit connected to this event for the victims (Can you spell sizeable fundraiser?) One half of you think that the public is ready now with the right warnigns posted ;while one half of you want to wait one year. One of you wants to wait until the monument is built. Does anyone know what the progress has been on the monument?

lurkynat said...

please keep commenting here.