Wednesday, October 19, 2005

MY Heart's Desire

My Heart's Desire

Soooo.. Hadonfield asked for a list....okeydokey!

I want time for more fun with friends.

I have love and a great family.

I wish I could get lots of cash and build an orphanage.

I hate bias/prejudice/meanness.

I miss the older people.

I fear everyone's demise.

I hear wonderful songs.

I wonder at all of the new things that we learn about life through science.

I wish we would reach out more as a people to other people (countries) in need.

I am not timid.

I need warmth.

I should learn more patience and strength.


dreamingbrwneyes said...

Great answers!! I'm still working on how to get Hadon back. He better watch out. Shhh LOL.

stansgirl2004 said...

Very Nice.

sugar1337 said...

Nice traits...

princesssaurora said...

I thik you are plenty strong and patient from what I have seen...I love your list!

BE well,

lurkynat said...

Dear friends,
                      You guys rock!!!

ondinemonet said...

Lovely list darlin. :) Very thoughtful!

Always, Carly :)

gaboatman said...

A very worthy list, I would say.  You have such a big heart!

bgilmore725 said...

Great list, Natalie... that last one I could use more of, too.